Reply To: Deepak Chopra: 22 Aphorisms- A short Guide to Instant Realization

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Dear Marc,
I very much want to echo what everyone is saying here. We meet here in a field freed of human constructs, hoping to further awaken ourselves and the world. That is the gift of this community. I treasure the common bonds we can thread, as we each wish, in our own ways, to evolve beyond our conditioning, beyond the constraints of the ego, to awaken further. It is ever-more essential to find and share the light, as so many dark forces in the world today would have us subsumed in their drama, and so many of us have been sleepwalking far too long. Together, we can ripple out that light ever farther, as when a pebble drops into a lake the rings spread in every broadening circles of inclusion.

Welcome to the awakening!