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Hello Everyone! xoxoxox!

@marc …and hello to you, too! You mentioned, “I have some dear friends visiting me from the US and last night we went to visit some mutual friends. It was a little strange as these were people I knew well and was comfortable around, but it was hard to participate in the discussions as I was seeing things so differently now.”

@krista…in love says, “When our perception changes, it is like seeing everything in a new light.”

@robin…your magic with words, “It is ever-more essential to find and share the light, as so many dark forces in the world today would have us subsumed in their drama, and so many of us have been sleepwalking far too long. Together, we can ripple out that light ever farther, as when a pebble drops into a lake the rings spread in every broadening circles of inclusion.”

@aurorac…so eloquently put, “So do express, freely, that which comes from knowing [knowing and ‘light’ are synonymous terms]. Both here on this topic, on this forum and in all of life, we have actually gathered for one purpose alone: to awaken as the one being.”

@sree…with abundant understanding says, ” It is so exciting to hear about your transformation; and everything you say about it seems truly authentic.”

To which I say, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Marc. What an inspiration you are for us all to come together! I’ll further add, In that light, ye shall see light, in awe and wonderment of the created whole found in each and everyone one of us. I have a spiritual teacher who always reminds me to “speak to the Soul, and the Soul responds…leave the personality behind you.”

With Love and Gratitude,

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