Reply To: Waking up. Am I to expect a lonely journey?

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Hi @krista and @aurorac,

I get what you are both saying. Already I do feel more connected to those around me because I know at that deeper level we are all one. This has helped me at work where I now look past and deeper. I’ve always felt that I am alive to help others on their journey. Now I know this to be true and it starts at this deeper level and acknowledge that we are not really ‘we’, but ‘I’.
I think when I’m in some situations thoughts become more pronounced and as I see them generally the essence of past conditioning, it’s a little bit more tricky for me to not fall under its spell when in a group. I do become aware which I guess is good, but I see I’m blaming others for this which is not true. I see that in all situations I have to recognise the being in all of us regardless of the outward actions.
I suspect like every thing else this takes practice and shying away from people or situations is not the answer. This feeling of being alone in a crowd is another of my past conditioning I have to go beyond. The ego will always have the tendency to identify as a separate self and this is one of its ways. I just have to be rooted in being. Just continue putting one foot in front of the other and continue.