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Dearest friends,
I miss our regular conversations here but treasure going back and gleaning the wisdom that has been gathered in this wonderful forum.

My current question, should anyone care to chime in (@aurorac, @jenniferl, et al.), concerns hurricanes. Specifically, Hurricane Irma, now bearing down on Florida. My brother and mother (aged 99) are riding out the storm in Sarasota, near the epicenter of where they think landfall will be made this afternoon. They are in a building that was designed to hurricane codes, and are set up in a community with other elderly people, so support and services should, hopefully, be available to them throughout the storm, storm surges, localized tornadoes, flooding and aftermath. This storm is truly ferocious.

On a more consciousness level, and knowing our universe is interconnected, I wonder whether the drama we’re creating on the human level can account for the ecosystem needing to balance out our activities in the political, social, environmental, economic, and other madness we’ve created by showering these ever-increasing storms and seismic activities (I’m thinking of the earthquake in Mexico near Guatemala, the wildfires and drought in the Pacific Northwest of the US, the melting of glaciers in the Antarctic, and on and on) to cleanse and rebalance harmonies in the universal order? To understand #YATU, it is surely not random activity.

Would love to know what others think. Can our collective activities as awakening consciousness stem this tide?

I believe in the power of prayer. Please join me in sending prayers to my family and friends in Florida, and all others affected by Irma, Harvey and what may come in the wake of Jose and Katya, on their tails!

Much love,