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Aurora Carlson
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Dearest @robin , your question is so important, for what you are asking is- are these dramatic expressions of nature connected to the dramatic expressions of human consciousness, and can we do something about it?

For many, many years I have been fascinated by these questions. I have friends all over the world, and they helped bring the emotional suffering close to me during fires, cold waves, tornados and floods, and from there, the desire to help has been very strong. It is natural for us people to go inward and pray when someone we love is in danger, isn’t it? Well… it is natural and it’s precisely what we need to do. For what are we doing when we pray? We silence the outer, we dive into the inner, as deeply as we can, and with the power of our love, we ask for (project) a good outcome.

All prayers would have an immediate reflection in the manifested world if we went deep enough. It is enough to have the intention. But it has to be from that part of us which is in unity with everything. If you are asking the storm “out there” to calm down, if you see yourself as separate from it … well… I don’t know. But if you go deep and ask from the place where the storm is within you, like any other experience, then the storm obeys, for it is your creation.

Saying that we can affect such events from within consciousness might sound strange to some, or it may sound plausible to some… it doesn’t matter. What matters is practice. Practice with focus and attention. Most people start with smaller/easier things, like asking for/projecting a free parking place, but there is no size difference when it comes to manifestation.

I join you in seeing your loved ones safe Robin. I have my methods to strengthen that choice, and I will also intend a good outcome for all who are in the area. But everyone who has the desire should use their own method in consciousness, whatever helps you go deep enough and focus with spiritual and not ego power.

Sending love to you Robin. Release the worry if you can, and go deeper, for you can help much better from there.