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Dear Jennifer and Aurora,
Many thanks for these heartening words. I don’t by any means think that Hurricane Irma is/was/will be the only threat to our planet. To me, it feels like Mother Nature is doing her best to rebalance all the disharmonies, and the extent to which she must go to do that is ever-increasing because we humans have become so disconnected.

So yes, Aurora, these reflect the turbulence of our human consciousness. And a deeper dive into our souls (a.k.a., prayer) is precisely the prescription. I feel that the collective prayers we all sent to Florida were a factor in dissipating this monster storm into a tropical one and that those living in its path suffered far less than they might have had not all the resources, efforts, precautions and prayers been put into place.

The key in the aftermath, to my mind, is to harness and continue that goodwill that is so often evident in the face of disaster, but sadly lacking in the day-to-day, as most people sleepwalk through life. There was an interesting (and slightly terrifying) opinion piece in the Washington Post yesterday about how Google, Facebook and other Silicon Valley giants are in a race to harness human behavior and meld man-mind-robot into one automaton under their control. I’m not sure that they would be doing to us anything we haven’t done to ourselves…sleepwalking through life except in those dramatic moments where our very survival is threatened.

Wake up, world!

Grateful for so much wisdom here. I hope we can continue the check-ins.
Much love,