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Well, this is some synchronicity right here! Strong but disparate threads of thought have been running in my head over the past few weeks, looking for an opportunity to get organized, so this is perfect.

Basically, I can’t help but see a flood of opportunities for reflection and increased awareness wherever I look. For instance, during Hurricane Harvey, as I watched the waters rise outside my home, first submerging the street, then the kerbs, then the sidewalk, then the front yard, leaving just an undifferentiated sheet of flowing water in view, I was reminded of why the flood is a common metaphor for the end of days (at least Biblical and Vedic that I know of). Granted, it could be literal (climate change taken to its logical extreme), but could very well stand for the progressive understanding of the common Spirit in all of creation, or that quick/instant realization of consciousness as the enabler of all distinctions.

So anyway, the waters receded from my doorstep, and I duly notified my extended family later on social media. One response (from a particularly devout cousin) was “God is great!”. I realize he was personally grateful that we remained dry and safe, but it set me thinking: Does God’s greatness hinge on whether He favors my personal preferences? Or is God great by definition? If so, who is the one defining? Made for some interesting discussions at home, especially during the dark nights when we were rendered power-less by Harvey.

The whole experience was really fascinating – it motivated so many regular citizens to brave the floodwaters to rescue total strangers, just as it drove other regular citizens to loot vacant homes and misappropriate funds. Personally, I witnessed many miracles – neighbors talking to each other (instead of drive-by waving), teenagers making sustained eye contact and actually reading printed material again, husbands helping with the dishes, etc… and that was all just on my street!

The point you raise, @robin, is a whole ‘nother area. Clearly, Aurora has pondered it longer and at much greater depth than I ever have, and her words above ring true. My first thought typically has been to say “Thy Will be done”… to simply ask to be in harmony with the universe and for deeper understanding of its direction. I haven’t (yet) tried moving it in the direction of getting me a free parking space, but I regularly have the experience of projecting clarity and goodwill in order to move people around me in the direction of the greater good as I see it. I’m sure they are similar at some level. But in general, I feel that deeper and more expanded awareness can only help, in *any* situation.

Like you, Robin, I’m grateful for the wisdom here and for the insightful conversations on such topics. Love to all,