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I’m so glad to hear you and your family are safe after Hurricane Harvey. I pictured the flood waters creeping up to your home, as I read your words, and marveled at how Mother Nature can so quickly change our sense of well-being and the landscape around us, causing us to ponder the nature of God’s will.

Nature finding balance makes sense to me, as I think about a God that is neither sentimental nor completely distant from us. Our prayers may have in deed been answered. Wouldn’t a being that is also the universe remember to ask for what is wanted? Or does one command it, so?

@ Aurora
Clear intentions or alignment of our thoughts, feelings, and actions to a higher purpose within ourselves would seem to be a more effective way to pray. Praying with fear or doubt may bring us more to fear or doubt until we realize our oneness with the universe.

I felt an inward, intuitive if you will, nudge to evacuate last year when forest fires threatened our home. I started packing the mini-van with our most precious belongings and saying goodbye to what I was leaving behind, hours before the authorities knocked on our door mandating we evacuate immediately. When my family and I left, it wasn’t clear if we’d have a home when we returned.

God’s provisional kept running through my mind. I repeated a mantra, “what I need I have,” when I thought of what I was leaving behind so that it all could return to us once settled again.

We returned a few days later to our home, safe and snug in the woods of Concow, California, with the smell of freshly burned embers stinging our nostrils. The fire came dangerously close to our neighborhood, but the winds shifted late in the night and carried it in another direction, sparing most of the neighborhood. Two houses were lost to the fires that summer.

So, for me, getting out of the way is probably the first thing I think of when disasters are imminent. However, today, I’m thinking about God’s will and my alignment with that. Am I where I know to be? Am I aware of my circumstances and any dangers? How do I know?

I think, so far, that when we’re aware of ourselves, it puts us in contact with awareness of our surroundings. And perhaps, it’s not just about getting to safety but also learning to mitigate the danger in the first place, because we learn to live consciously with the environment, while at the same time bettering conditions as we live more harmoniously with Mother Earth. YATU!

Prayers, love, and light!

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