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The participatory universe is the solution to all the problems we face as human beings. All the happy accidents that have led me to this moment seem to be part of a single scheme… I am just grateful. Daily practice of transcendental meditation along with placing my intention and attention in the right places has shown me that nothing can be overshadowed by the true identity of the self. Life has turned into a magical experience, wether it’s spontaneusly fulfilling desires, or learning about aspects of myself, I see my reflection in all people.I read these beautiful reactions to the posed question, I feel these are differentiated aspects of the same consciousness expressing itself through us all. Shifting my awareness from object referral to self referral has allowed me to live from the level of the soul, and that has made all the difference. After recently reading the book Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives
Book by James H. Fowler and Nicholas A. Christakis, I am realizing the importance and significance of the human universe or the participatory universe. People all around me seem to be addicted to their default negative emotional state, doing anything to distract themselves in a hope to cover up or avoid this deep seated sense of lack. Something inside them does not want to transcend this false sense of self keeping them spell bound to self created misery. Which leads me to ask the question… why are these negative reflections still showing up in my life? Understanding Complementarity has given me great comfort, which holds that cosmic consciousness keeps opposites in balance without one side abolishing the other, after all, who would I be today without all of the people I have learned from in my life? Probably just like them, addicted to the same melodrama and anxiety riddled emotional states. All the people in my life with dysfunction that have led me to this indestructible reality, will one day be a big part of spreading, living, and being this pure consciousness that is free of the past, that is my intention. However I recognize that it’s hard enough to transform yourself, let alone other people. My life experience, combined with reading “You are the universe” has led me to agree that we are living in a participatory universe. Although this knowledge has been known by some for ages, I feel this is only the beginning of a new reality. It’s up to us all collectively, which is why this forum is so inspiring to me. The fact that the participatory universe fits no existing model in classical science, inspires me to dive deep into the true self through inner silence and continue to better my approach to life. Thanks for reading. Wishing all peace and joy,
Much Love,

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