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So wonderful to see this conversation seeded anew. @sree, you are in my thoughts with all the cleanup you, and everyone in Texas, have in front of you, post-Harvey. I am amazed at the spirit and generosity with which you are facing it. Glad there was synchronicity with our stories to prompt your posting here.

@jenniferl, I really need to read your thoughts over several times to allow them to sink in. You have given us much to ponder. The question of “where I know to be” is a really good one, because it reminds us to stay in alignment with consciousness, that universal channel through which all wisdom is available for those willing to tune in. How you “knew” intuitively to evacuate your home before anyone was given an “official” warning, and that you listened to your intuition–it seems that we are more apt to “know” these things in an emergency, than at other times. But the wisdom is always there. So glad your house was spared!

@austinread, so wonderful to hear how the “participatory universe” is opening you up to dive deeper. I will have to check out “Connected”–after I tackle the 6 books awaiting me on my night stand, the most recent of which is Einstein and the Rabbi, by Naomi Levy, about a correspondence between the great scientist and a rabbi and WWII navy chaplain who was a true hero in helping liberate the concentration camps, and who was able to make a deep and abiding connection with 1,000 children at Bergen-Belsen at the end of the war. He made sure to help those children heal mentally and physically from the scars of genocide, when their families had been lost. And then he helped them make their way to freedom immediately after the war in Israel. But he, himself, fell apart when he lost his own son to polio at the age of 11. By the way, one of those children he saved was Elie Wiesel.

We never know where we may touch even one life that can, in turn, bring more light to the world. It requires that we stay awake to the possibilities of love, faith, hope and trust.It’s a beautiful universe when we can all participate to our fullest capacity.

Grateful to all in this forum who are here to bring ever more light in the world.

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