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Thanks for taking the spiritual convo back here, @aurorac. I miss our discussions. I agree with you (from your Facebook observation) about the idea that the first rule would state that matter is both an experience and concept in consciousness. And all of this grows from our understanding that we inhabit a human universe. While we might take it on faith that awareness/consciousness is constant and the ground state of all being, the challenge to becoming a meta-human and staying in that awareness is the ability to perceive–perhaps through meditation, dreaming, hypnosis, technology or other altered states of consciousness–what is not known to us in the material (or even quantum when it is manifest and not only existing as potential) world.

Interestingly, I just had a discussion with my older son and his girlfriend about the limitations of our human awareness. We were talking about the fact that trees in a forest have their own communication but it occurs in century-time and frequencies, far slower than our own. Conversely, dragonfly communication must be very quick to fit into their 72-hour lifespan. We cannot tune into that either. Perhaps similarly, all humans have different ways of parsing and understanding our relative places and times. My century-old mother understands life in ways that formed when the pace of change was much, much slower, and the world constantly less with us, than my 24-year-old son who grew up in a digital world that is always interconnected and moves at the speed of light.

The truth about all of these–human, tree, dragonfly, centenarian, twenty-something and everywhere in-between–is that we are all facets of the same consciousness.

I wonder if we can evolve our human consciousness to be able to encompass–or at least relate to–all these levels and layers of the ONE awareness. Would expanding our consciousness this way, becoming meta-human to use Deepak’s conception, also increase empathy, compassion, awareness of the interconnections, the ONE-ness, of the human and natural world? Can the 11 Laws further our capacity for love? Could that be a 12th law: expanding human consciousness to include the ultimate awareness of our ONE-ness will result in a dissolution of barriers and biases that keep us separate and in conflict.

To me, this is a dream of waking up to a more beautiful reality than the limited construct most of us sleepwalk through in our everyday life. Wow.

To all who join in our musings here, wondering what would be your dreams be for us awakening as meta-humans?

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