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Thank you for sharing your 11 laws of reality, Deepak.It was not until the eleventh that something inside raised an issue and I remembered something I had seen on (copied below). I believe what they say is correct and wonder how we will free ourselves from that? Or, is this just an example of what you are thinking? We free ourselves from the need of regular selfish desires and transform our thoughts and desires to the fulfillment of the needs of others.In itself, that would lead to a better world – wonderful! More thought time is required on this.
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The law of motivation states that humans are naturally motivated to seek lasting pleasure, but are unable to achieve it in their regular selfish desires. Therefore, in order to achieve unlimited pleasure, humans need a new motivation, beyond selfishness, which is to fulfill others.


Modern Laws of Global Life
Law of Motivation

Human beings are naturally motivated to seek lasting pleasure.

However, when their desires meet the pleasure, the desires are gradually extinguished.

The resulting emptiness motivates the individual to once again seek fulfillment, creating an endless cycle of fleeting pleasures.

Exhausted by this cycle, an individual is forced to seek an entirely new and different motivation for fulfillment.

This can only be found outside of the regular selfish fulfillment – it is the motivation to fulfill others.

When this motivation meets our global reality, the opportunities for pleasure are unlimited, extinguishing the emptiness of modern life.

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