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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @robin , thank you so much for the always inspiring and beautiful stories you tell!
As I see it, communication between people, life forms, or different levels of ourselves is fascinating, but we need to realize that all communication is still an activity in the one, undivided consciousness. It’s kind of funny that we work so hard to perfect or expand communication, when all we actually need to do is let go of the illusion of separate entities.

It’s so great that you took up the one thing that was on my mind too- LOVE. I have wondered where love comes in with Deepak’s 11 laws. Or better said, where in this reasoning it becomes obvious that love is all of it. Not only is love all of it, but love is the “taste” of the most effective and attuned creative movement in consciousness. Love is what makes nothing become something, and also what makes something transform ad infinitum.
Deepak, what do you say, should we not have a 12th law saying “love makes the world (seem to) go round”? 🙂

Like @stevecostello , I will have to think about it some more, for I am convinced that love belongs, or should belong, into any kind of reasoning. Haha… it’s only words of course…
Thank you so much Steve for bringing up that which stops us from experiencing constant, intrinsic and unconditional love- the illusion of individual needs and desires. The illusion of individuals 🙂 Yes, more thought is always needed, or is it more meditation?

Looking forward to continuing and expanding this discussion, for everyone’s delight and enlightenment! Btw, where does delight belong into the reasoning? Is seeking pleasure what is hindering us from realizing who we are, or is it just a matter of mistaking transient pleasure for authentic pleasure, which is inherent in consciousness?