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I suggest both, @aurora, I am meditating lightly on your smile in your profile pic right now, sending you greetings. Now I turn my thoughts to the discussion and a comment today on the same subject from a Twitter friend who said, “Agreed! When we get out of our own head our attention immediately turns to others (or donuts). The question to ask is “how can I help?” I love her reference to donuts but it is rather sad, like, ‘my works’s done for the day so that person who seems lonely can wait until another day, I don’t have time for that right now.’
Each day I learn and grow through life, meditation and other studies.Is it through meditation that we can take great strides forward? Can meditation affect the thoughts of people not meditating? Absolutely, we are connected. Put like that it sounds so simple. Of course it’s not but getting people to the same page is part of our journey. Although I don’t fully understand each particle of Deepak’s 11 Laws (just yet), the parts I do resonate deeply. As a whole, they may belong in a place far away for many but that does not mean they are unattainable.
Despite the darkness that drifts into the light, we are born in love and love is something to be cherished and shared.
What about delight? I love because I love, it is natural and should be no other way. I delight in blasting downhill on skis and the whole atmosphere of the slopes, people, mountains, freedom . . . Seeking pleasure can be a huge hindrance, especially if an element of risk or fear is involved because people can get hurt. We have to love the ego, hear our intuition and it’s ok to realize who we are so long as we also realize where we belong. Transient pleasure can be / is often mistaken for authentic pleasure, TP = Ego, AP = Intuition, soul . . . If we only know authentic pleasure, we have stepped completely into the light. Peace, Love and Happiness to all, SC

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