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Derek Whitney
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Good Morning varying versions of shared Self:

Sitting here observing and experiencing the miracle that is the freely gifted daily morning waves, sunrise, birds, dolphins and all…all thought seems superfluous to optimal being.

I am intrigued and guided by the latest neuro science from the Max Planck Institute where by connecting individuals to a new type of brain scanner and giving them a series of multiple choice questions…they could accurately forecast each thought 6-7 seconds before the thinker had it.

What they were unable to do is to say accurately where each thought orginates yet the tests do point to the strong possibility (surprise, surprise) that there is something invisible at play.

From this human perspective the only way is to view life as one ‘qualia program’ being directed, written, produced, experienced and ongoingly informed by the Only One Formless Being – and holding the knowing that I am that Being….feels all that is needed to be known.

It feels that we confuse & reduce via distractive thought when there are birdsongs, waves, breezes through the trees, children’s laughter, Mozart, Bach, sharing, caring, tender, playful, creative, inclusive, compassionate & wondrous other unlimited experiences to be lived and felt.

Doing & thinking deep nothing – gifts the joy of simply, profoundly, miraculously being.

I feel only Love & appreciation for all that is shared by Deepak and from others on this and various forums. Yet I can’t help but feel that 11 laws of reality points more away from than towards divine truth and that simply sitting here silently and intently observing and appreciating the dozen or so swallows enjoying their morning fluttery & song, against a backdrop of the mighty ocean and the soft blue sky….guides me Lovingly to energetically knowing & being that which I am.

In peace, joy & Love to all 🌴🌊💛

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