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Hi Jennifer! I am reading a book by Ervin Lazslo now, “Science and the Akashic Field,” that captures exactly what you’re talking about. The Akashic Record is defined to be a field of knowing, a presence or awareness, of all that is or was or will be. A “cosmic information field” he calls it. Deepak has referred to this in his daily talks as well.

Now that I’m thinking of elements that might enhance Deepak’s (now 12, including Love?) Laws of Reality, and another element of “knowingness”, I think we must also incorporate art, poetry, music, dance, drama, and literature. In my understanding, these forms of beauty, along with Derek’s “being-ness” and awe in nature form experiences drawn from the Akash to convey profound truths and deepen our appreciation of the unity of all consciousness.

A poem to illustrate (should be centered but I don’t know how to do that here):

The Bell Ringer

Consider the bell
ringer as an image
of the human soul,
he stands foursquare
on the stone flagged
ground, and surrounded
by a circle of communal
searches in his fixed
for a world
beyond straight,
eye to eye
in this case
above him,
the collision of metal
worlds chiming
to each bend and lift
of the knees,
letting his weight bear down
on the rope,
creating out of the heave
and upward pull,
a hollowed out
brass utterance,
a resonant
on-going argument
for his continued presence,
of daily mood
or the necessities
for a verbal


Let him stand there
for the human soul,
let his weight
come true on the rope,
the way we want to lean
into the center of things,
the way we want to
fall with the gravity
of the situation
and then afterwards
laugh and
defy it
with an upward
ultimately untraceable
a great ungovernable
to the world
that something, somewhere,
has changed.

the bell ringer
as one of us,
attempting some
difference in the world,
far above
and far beyond
the stone-closed
space we seem
to occupy.

we’re all
effort, listening
and willful concentration,
like a moving sea,
another power
for a moment
the whole burden,
lifts us
against our will,
lets us find
in the skyward pull
a needed antidote
to surface noise,
a gravity against gravity,
another way to hear
the clamor of the heavens.

~ David Whyte ~

(Everything Is Waiting For You)

Love to all!

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