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Dear all,

Wonderful comments providing much nourishment, thank you. Copied, pasted and centred DW’s poem, thanks, @robin .

The Unity of Consciousness will be a wonderful moment; Wait! We already have that unity but some souls are too distracted to notice while they race at tangents to the path they should be following… That will form some meditative moments today.
Yesterday I saw a comment on social media announcing that actor Jim Carey had seen the light and as a result of Jim’s experience, many would follow. Exciting or worrying? . . . more meditative moments and somewhere along the way I have a number of telephone and one face to face meeting today, not to mention considerable editing. This sounds distracting but, not at all because with awareness comes the true ability to multi-task. The swallows have left but I can still enjoy the sun and listen to the doves while I work, meditate . . .

Om Kala Samhara Murtne Namaha, We are Timeless Creative Beings

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