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Aurora Carlson
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Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and poems!

I have just added the 11 laws in written form in the initial post- it helped me understand them better. I have tried reading them “as if for the first time” and here are some observations:

– law no. 6: The term “source” appears suddenly and it is not necessarily a logical step. The prior laws determine that matter and energy are experience and concept in consciousness, but it is not yet determined if there is a source-product relationship with consciousness. Terms like “background” and “ground state” would have been uncontroversial, but “source” could raise questions.
– law no 9 speaks about “beyond all states” but it is not clarified what “states” means. To make this more clear, law no 7 would need to specify that the modifications as concepts and experiences are states of consciousness.

In the discussions up to now, it seems that there is a wish to include love, compassion, awe, delight and knowingness in the reasoning of the 11 laws.

I already celebrate the time when these laws are taught to all children in school, at least during the time it takes to stop indoctrinating humanity with the material illusion. After that no one will need to be reminded, it will be clear. Thank you Deepak for doing exactly what is needed to help the world today!

Dear @jenniferl and @robin , to me, infinite possibilities and pure consciousness is not the same as all knowledge. It is far, far more. The Akashic field is one name for the “library of all possible concepts and experiences” but… pure consciousness is beyond even that. It contains and gives rise to all that, yes.

Dear @derek-whitney – pure consciousness or Being is equally behind and beyond swallows, oceans and physics principles. I would say that it is not what we are looking at, but where we are looking from 🙂 It is fully possible to be as filled with awe and aware of Being while engaging in conceptual activities as it is while engaging in perceptual experience. If we lose the awe, it is not because of something “out there”, but because of something “in here” that is blocking our deep awareness. We tend to separate ourselves from such we don’t like or agree with etc… but that is still just movement of energy, which is an activity in consciousness. Imagine the ocean separating itself from the waves it doesn’t fancy! 😀

Dear @stevecostello , I so agree, the unity of Consciousness and our true identity is already here/now, it is the reality beyond any timespace event, but the events keep Consciousness so fascinated that it sometimes forgets itself and loses itself in its own 4D stories! 🙂