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Thanks, Aurora. The transcription is helpful, and I agree with your insights about “source” and “states”. Interesting also your point about the Akashic field arising from consciousness, and consciousness going far beyond that. It is really much more than my puny little human awareness can conceptualize although, in this framework, consciousness is also beyond concept and experience.

But as I consider all of this as a whole, it occurs to me that we refer to consciousness as a background state behind everything. I wonder if the evolutionary or meta-human needs to bring that awareness to the fore. In other words (and words are so limiting!), consciousness at the source of all being, precedes, co-exists, and surpasses all being, individuation and differentiation.

For example, if we were to use Genesis in the Old Testament as a story of creation, Bereshit – translated as “in the beginning” would actually be a continuation. Genesis 1:1 is translated, “In the beginning, God created heaven and earth.” This is the chapter that connotes the human story – an on-going event that denominates humanity-on-Earth’s collective experience in awareness. We might just as well pick up the story earlier and say, “The Eternal is.” In fact, this is what the Bible says is God’s name (and it is unpronouncable, just as God is unknowable): the Hebrew letters Yud-Hay-Vav-Hay. Which have been interpreted as “I am that I am.” Meaning now and always.

Perhaps we might also then roll back the story before “in the beginning” to know that the “I am-ness” exists in all places and times in the non-local, and outside of temporal experience.

By doing that, we bring God, or consciousness, or awareness, or Brahman, or light, or any “word” that stands in place to help give us insight to the all-presence, front-and-center in the story. By doing this, it puts “human” into its place as a manifestation of the one-ness co-equal to, but not more than, any other. God’s Creation (Creating) in all its forms.

We are but one ongoing event in time. By gaining this awareness, we become meta-human – a new experience in awareness that is only “more than” human because we have/do/will recognize(d) our unity with all that God has become out of one-ness.

The motto of the United States (and written on all our currency, something most Americans see every day but, interestingly, do not bring awareness to) is E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many One. So the knowledge is here, waiting for us to notice it.

Bringing that knowledge from background to the fore would enable us to transform ourselves and the world. Truly performing miracles.