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Aurora Carlson
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Hi @robin , yes, you say it so well! “… it occurs to me that we refer to consciousness as a background state behind everything. I wonder if the evolutionary or meta-human needs to bring that awareness to the fore. In other words (and words are so limiting!), consciousness at the source of all being, precedes, co-exists, and surpasses all being, individuation and differentiation.”
And then you say this: “Bringing that knowledge from background to the fore would enable us to transform ourselves and the world. Truly performing miracles.”

I couldn’t agree more Robin, and I think it’s precisely what we are discussing here.

Deepak is on a plane, but he will be reading all posts here, and he is sending us this longer version with his presentation of the 11 laws (see below). Wanting to let you all know about this dear @robin @jenniferl @stevecostello @krista @sree @elviragherman @trishaham @marc @gschilkey @celia @vedic @richa and whoever else is reading (I wonder whom else on the forum we could tag who would be interested by this, probably mostly everybody). The invitation from Deepak is to ponder on these laws together, see if the logic holds, see if there is anything that could add to everyone’s understanding. And of course, to expand the dialogue to other friends, so the collective dialogue can shift.

Let’s watch this second video and see what it brings to us.