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Hello Everyone! xoxo!

I’ll address our discussion from another angle. This includes Deepak’s talk on Law#4 where he included, “Energy is the ability to do work.” I agree completely, with a slight variation to what we mean by work if we are to truly talk about a Metahuman.

At every level of being, if we want to accept the concept of levels of being as a construct for a moment, a mentally polarized person who crosses over unto death, as is said in world scriptures, would be said to have achieved Devachan (I was reading about this earlier this morning in a Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice Bailey). Devachan is the manifestation of Heaven in the mental body. This level of being is still karmically tied. In other words, the individual is then rescheduled for incarnation. ;P

A general example of what I’m talking about, if we use this as an analogy, is the distinction between Newtonian Physics and Quantum Reality. You may recall from reading You Are the Universe, the Heisenberg Cut. Heisenberg, to paraphrase disastrously, states that there is a separation between the Newtonian and Quantum realities and we don’t know why or how they work together.

To escape Devachan, one has to meet the requirements of fulfilling the laws of Devachan, and by doing so, it is possible to escape the mental heaven and move on to the next level of being which is primarily Buddhic. What must we let go of to perform such a task? Time.
Identification with the linear passage of time is the primary cause of the illusion of constructs. With that being said, while all constructs have their limitations when interpreted in space-time, these same constructs on a higher turn of the spiral are considered limitless because karmic retribution binding an individual to the Earthly planes is no longer a barrier to reaching higher forms of conscious living (A.K.A. the Metahuman). :O

Purity, to me, means the ability to utilize energy in order to do work without being karmically bound for reincarnation, where we repeat the lessons in, to bring it back to our concept, Devachan, or the mental body. However, there are lesser heavens as well. Such as with physically or emotionally polarized individuals who cross over consciously identified at that level of being. Mental, emotional, and physical identification are of the Earth. Many of us are working towards being on the Earth, while not of it.

Furthermore, when we’ve learned to adjust our karmic liability through right dharmic practices, we uplift the greater whole with every thought, feeling, and action in alignment with a truer self – some might say most rare to find on Earth, except if we were to include Christ, Buddha, Mohamad, and other enlightened figures such as these.

To me, this is what we mean by illumination or the Metahuman. It is the ability to do work, but without repeating the lessons on the Earthly planes. In other words, karmically tied by the attachment to the linear form. Here we would see the true Metahuman in manifestation, unbounded by time, and truly limitless, timeless, boundless in being while still manifest in the physical body on Earth.

Love to All,