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I agree with the Eleven Laws of Reality you’ve mentioned. I agree on all of them. Nevertheless, I see them in a more accessible way, and perhaps this makes them more understandable to people outside.

All mass and energy are in this field of all possibilities, everything we can think of, and even things we can’t think of, are already there, waiting to be brought to someone’s real world.

What is a heart desire to me, could be irrelevant to you. If I give it a shape and bring it to my world, you may criticize me and tell me this is irrelevant. Same may happen the other way around.

What we don’t like to see, or have, or experience is also there in our world if we consistently give it a thought, only because we are shaping it. What we resist, persists.

We exist in a matrix of energy and mass which are consciousness.

Our reality, our perception is linked to our thoughts and to what we have learned about our existence.

Here a story, long time ago, I discovered one of those dark family secrets, I was entitled to claim my American citizenship, but my mother didn’t want this to happen. When I found this, I knew my blue passport was already there for me. It was in the field of all possibilities. My work was to bring it to this real world, to change it from energy to paper. I went to the Embassy, filed my CRBA, and ten days later I got my American Passport. I never doubted this would happen, I trusted the source, and even when I didn’t know about this by then, I merely knew and surrendered to this knowledge. This intense desire to accomplish that citizenship helped me to turn energy into reality. It was pure consciousness.

I agree consciousness is, and that’s it. It’s the field where everything is and may happen in the perfect timing. And we, we are experiencing an “Eternal Now”.

Our minds may be tricky and make us think things that are totally unreal, for example, money. Money rules the world. Money is a human invention, while it comes from the source same as everything else we materialize, it is our creation. If we go back in history, money’s goal was everyone’s wellbeing. At some point, humans (banks) made its management astonishingly complicated. They made us believe that we are in scarcity. So most people, even wealthy people suffer because they see or feel scarcity. That is a lie, as pure consciousness, pure spirit, we never lack anything, we are whole, and we hold a field or all possibilities.
This field is dynamic, always evolving, always changing, challenging us with new opportunities.

Consciousness is everywhere, I can see deep lessons in love, compassion, and gratitude coming from animals, they don’t rationalize, so they are affluent. They simply act according to their higher self.

I agree with the eleven rules of reality; we are consciousness living a material experience. Our Universe is pure consciousness in a material experience. We have Universes out of us and within us. We have the ability to change, to materialize, experience, or disappear things.

What I would like is these laws to touch every person in this world, and for this to happen, my perception is that perhaps these laws need to exist in three versions: the children’s book edition, the colloquial edition, and the scientific edition. Eleven Laws of Reality for all ages and social stages.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion, I will always do my best to give valuable feedback.