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Dear @robin (Aurora, Deepak, and the forum!)

Please forgive my delayed response. While I was hashing through some previous ideas I was having about the 11 Laws, particularly Law#4, I kept your posts in mind. However, I hadn’t quite made the bridge between our ideas coming through, until I opened Rupert Spira’s, The Nature of Consciousness (97).

Here, I’m reminded that behind all existence is essential unity, God, Ein Sof, or however we name the Universe. How one relates to the essential nature of being is by acting as if. In other words, “I am That I Am,” said as a mantra.

In other words, it’s the application of our highest knowledge of ourselves in accordance with the highest of laws knowable, which manifests God Consciousness on Earth, but it’s nonlinear: not bound by space and time. This is where we get our pens out and start noting our spiritual experiences, such as with synchronized events, so it can be given to us. I hope this sheds some light!

I love the exchange and free flow of ideas! Keep it coming!