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Hello @jenniferl

Thank you for your comment, loved it! This happened many years ago I was in my twenties. But when I was listening to Deepak about the Eleven Laws of Reality, I remembered those days. I remember I was so upset because this was hidden to me. I was born in Mexico, so I went to the embassy and asked what to do, I showed my father’s documentation to everyone there. I was guided to citizen services and the consul was so nice. He guided me to fill in the documents an, d sent me to pay my passport. Ten days after that I received it by courier. I never doubt this would happen, I simply did it. I was wondering why when we grow up we stop being like that. I found the Laws there, I simply believed and did what I had to do, I trusted, and it happened. So, now, I am going back to that.

I am impressed by your comment about Devachan, this is impressive. I love it and I also think. I agree with the Laws, but my opinion is to try to go out of the science vocabulary, take it to the people who can hardly read, to the children. I agree with the laws as a way to explain our presence in the Universe, but laws limits, and we are unbounded. We are beings beyond all limitations. Let’s spread this! XOXO