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Hi, Happy Wednesday dear @jenniferl @robin @aurorac
Hi, @celia So happy to see you here!

I think the 11 laws are happening all time in this dynamic boundless universe. Everything we do hold an intention. In my case and my story about the passport and citizenship “The truth set me free. But first, it pissed me off.” Like the quote from Gloria Steinem. I had a clear intention. The difference between then and now is that at that moment, I was not aware of it.

We all have stories of manifestation because we are always manifesting something. One way or another the 11 Laws are always applying, but we are not aware of this, perhaps we consider this so trivial, that we don’t give any importance to the transformation of the coffee we drank this morning.

When we become aware of them, we gain the power of conscious intention. Our conscious intention tap into the field of all possibilities to materialize a specific desire. Can you see how powerful we are? What makes the passport story special is that even unconsciously, there was a clear intention that was fulfilled because it had enough strength behind. It was a desire from the heart. So awareness of the laws and our reality lead to conscious intentions, recharged intentions!

For your teens @robin it would be like a game. Hey guys, which law are you applying right now? Whoot, awareness!

Having the list in writing helps us to be aware of the 11 Laws in our daily activities which are all attached to the laws. Thank you for that transcript @aurorac

These are my thoughts 🙂 <3