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Hello to All!

I enjoy hearing about how @robin and @monicpaul are using their abilities for remaining centered and in the flow while working with our youth and serving the community. I think this is highly valuable work. Our kids are the future and we want the best teachers! <3 I get the impression both of you are in the amazing catagory.

What also comes to mind is the question, ‘How may I serve the people in front of me I know to serve, while also serving a multitude?’ As, many of us have ordinary families, lives, responsibilities, and jobs.

Having come from a humble background, this is how I like to remind myself, so far:

Considering the 11 Laws in unity, when we are working consciously (unbounded, timeless, in the flow), my experience has been so far, that the energy outgoing from our work (energy is the ability to do work Law#4), reaches out to all humanity (at once) because of its universal nature. Quantum, yes?

How am I helping? Who am I helping? These questions are best answered when we’ve put away all of our limited thoughts and beliefs so that we remain aligned with the natural flow of this energy from a divine source. In other words, we bring everyone with us in a very positive way when doing this work consciously! It may be we know to care for the one frail person at home (worthy, yes?) and when done in alignment is POWERFUL!

Therefore, everyone is valued and appreciated equally!

Love to all!