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Hi, @jenniferl

I would say that I am aware that the Laws or Reality are always there, but I don’t think of them in terms that “I am doing this, then it is Law #X” all the time. I would leave those exercises for the younger ones to make them aware of the Laws, but you as an adult are already aware of them. We just need to know they are in action and that we have the power to change our reality the way we want.

Answering to your question about how can you be of service, I would tell you that you are already being of service. When you do your work with dedication and love, as part of a team in a company, you are helping your firm to fulfill their goal that ultimately is giving a product or a service to people. When you write in this forum, you are being of service because we learn from you. When you smile and are kind to someone in the street; when you take care of our environment. When you recycle, when you volunteer, when you learn and share it with others, you are being of service to others.

The only secret is to do whatever you do from the heart, the laws are automatic, know they are always in action. I don’t know if this happens to you, but when I help someone, for example when I write this note to you, I feel I am fulfilling something, I feel happy to share this with you. I am being, I am not thinking about it, I am just enjoying writing this note.

Much love for you!