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Dearest @monicpaul and @jenniferl,
I marvel that we are having this conversation here together coming, as we do, from different places, different points of view. Monic, what I hear you say is that you operate out a “knowing” that these laws are here to support you in all your endeavors, while Jennifer finds purpose in analyzing and applying the laws to “figure out” how her life and work may align with them. @marc looks to be a photographer. I like recasting or interpreting the laws through story in order to share with others. @Aurora shares her wisdom and draws us together in community to share. We all have different “jobs” in Reality Consciousness.

The miracle is that we are all manifestations of the One expressing ourselves in myriad ways. It is like holding a prism up to the light. One prism casts light all around it in different colors, yet it all comes from one source, one light.

As a storyteller, I revel in our differences, because it would be really boring if everyone told the same story from the same point of view, over and over. To me, that would make us automatons. But instead, we are humans.

One thing I would say one thing to your point about how we, as adults, already know these laws. Actually, we may “know” them in some ways, but consciously, I don’t think many adults are attuned. It’s sort of like saying everyone is aware of the Ten Commandments. Maybe that’s so, but God still thought it was a good idea to write them in stone so Moses could take them down to the Israelites to show them, “so that they may remember” and follow the laws.

That is why Deepak is naming these laws and calling them out by number: to remind us.

Which reminds me @aurorac, for consideration in expanding Deepak’s thinking: is there a law of community? That is, that each of us, as prisms refracting part of the truth from the divine light of consciousness, have a responsibility to gather the light, reflect, and beam it to those around us to enlighten ourselves and each other?

(Kind of like that prism and light metaphor!)