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Hello All,

What I’m reminded of when I read everyone’s posts is to stand in spiritual being. To me this corresponds with Law#6 which states consciousness can neither be created nor destroyed. I think we may see eye-to-eye with the concept of Being as a ground state.

Being, to me, means operating (because we must eventually get up from our meditation pillows) from a place of knowing or understanding of oneself. I consider this a form of self-mastery, or what some are calling the Metahuman.

It’s the limited self, or what I’ve learned to call the personality (in space-time) that doesn’t know and would rush out ahead due to insecurities, vices, virtues, pride, ambition, lacking money, etc…

To me, knowing is, as Krishnamurti has been quoted as saying, “choiceless awareness.” In this state of being we know ourselves to Be – all that is was and ever will be, with the exception of Deepak, who knows himself to be the Universe. ;P YATU!

Here’ a bit of You are the Universe (165):

His jesting throws Hamlet into a morbid mood. In the end, what good are noble thoughts? He asks: “Imperious Caesar, dead and turned to clay, /Might stop a hole to keep the wind away.”