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Aurora Carlson
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Hi friends!
Dear @jenniferl @robin @marc @monicpaul ( @celia how synchronistic that you were already reading the laws!) I’ve been reading everyone’s comments and we have a wonderful discussion going on here! So many angles and ways to express things we all more or less know! I hope you all know that we can subscribe to any topic and subforum, so we can get email notifications even if we’re not personally mentioned.

Marc, I agree that the potential of a new book discussing the 11 laws is not only to clarify and solidify the knowing of those who have the realization already, but mostly, to help those who don’t yet have it. A moderately scientific language, just like the one used in YATU, is as I see it a perfect way to reach the many people who either are scientists or are used to look at science for a valid view of reality. The academic world is strongly influencing both politics and the general view of our societies, and school/university education forms the coming generations much more than we might think. Today, as we all know, education is based in materialism, and so for me it’s clear that there is a huge need to focus there. But it takes courage to keep being controversial in a conformist environment, and that’s precisely what Deepak is doing when he sends in such articles to science journals and when he participates in materialist-based conferences. I guess many among us have had their share of that kind of activity in consciousness, complete with having rotten eggs or at least some “woo-woo” thrown at you, and even if consciousness is not even touched, the ego certainly is ๐Ÿ˜€

So I think, Monic , that the next book coming through Deepak will probably not be for children other than indirectly, through their older siblings, parents and teachers. I’m sure he has written for everyone and anyone already, but he needs of course to follow his role in the story as Robin so nicely puts it. So of course, Jennifer, Robin and Monic, as you point out, we can all ask ourselves what our own role in the process is. Right now, it seems we are having a little fun while studying these laws together ๐Ÿ™‚

Robin, this brings me to your question about a law of community, you talk about the responsibility to shine the light. Well… to me, the word “responsibility” doesn’t really catch it. It implies a duty and I would have trouble calling what the heart does for the liver or what the capillaries do for the lungs- duty or responsibility. I would also have a hard time seeing the blooming of roses in summer as their responsibility, or what the bees do for everything else. So leaving that term, I think what you refer to is the interconnectedness and the effect of anyone’s unified/split state of consciousness on the whole, something I think even Jennifer referred to when she spoke of the effect of energy/work. See how I phrased it in the summary below and let me know if you all think we should change it.

So what do we have up to now, collectively? Let me know if I have missed or misunderstood anything, in that case, please add it to our list, short and clear ๐Ÿ™‚

– law 1: matter is experience and also concept.
โ€“ law 6: The term โ€œsourceโ€ is not yet fully logical here.
โ€“ law 9: A clarification of what โ€œstatesโ€ means would be good.
– the use of โ€œIโ€ in a consciousness sense in the later part of the presentation could be confusing to those just being introduced to this concept, who still see “I” as separate.
– should love, compassion, awe, delight, knowingness and community (the effect of any action on the whole) be somehow included in the laws?