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Yes, thanks for asking for clarity on that, @aurora, and for your helpful insights @jenniferl.

There is a concept in mystical Judaism that is called Tsimtsum. Tsimtsum is a story of the creation of the world in which God (who, as All That Is, fills the Cosmos) inhaled, or pulled back in order to make room for Creation. By making room for Creation, God opened the door to free-will. Tsimtsum was the result of God creating an empty space, where God’s light could shine but not determine all that would happen there. God removes a bit of God’s self, in order to make room for us. The result is the splintering of that space into millions of shards of holy light — to allow us to come into the world

Here’s the contradiction: God pulls back in order to be more present – present through and in us. But we couldn’t be there/here were it not for God’s retraction.

In the process, She gives humans free will. We have the right to make our way and be for ourselves alone, “free” to manifest what we need for our own success and independence (a contemporary “right” that has gone to the extreme, imho, in the Western world, where free will has come to mean I am for myself alone, with all the consequences thereof), or we can allow and foster a world that is aided by something larger than ourselves–which can apply to family, community, country, all of humanity and, ultimately, to God herself.

In this vision of the world, those who follow God’s commandments (or laws) are repairing the shattered world and participating in something called Tikkun Olam, the repair of the world. We are all part of (responsible for) doing our part in that repair – through acts of truth, justice, acts of lovingkindness and peace.

So in this sense “responsible for” is the sense of taking part in activities that uplift ourselves, our families, our communities, and the whole of humanity.

The shards are the prisms of light that we gather to repair the world through these acts. In the process of gathering the light back together, we take refracted colors that each of us has picked up, one-by-one, and bind them back into one light that unifies and reflects all colors

Sorry to answer a story with a story. It’s the only way I can express some of these abstract ideas to bring them more “down to Earth,” as it were. Does this make sense?