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Aurora Carlson
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Wow indeed @marc πŸ™‚ As someone already mentioned, there is awe whenever we dive deep, and that’s precisely what we’re doing together. Isn’t it a very meaningful way to spend time?

@robin I laughed so much reading the poem you posted, thanks a lot! Funny, isn’t it… I often find life very funny when seen like this, from a bird’s-eye-view. It’s not that difficult, it takes attention and radical honesty. As soon as we let go of some hard limitation, the heart opens again, just like she describes. Quite amazing how love heals.

Yes generosity (not holding back the loving creative impulse), empathy (knowing all situations to be experiences within the same “I”), compassion (realizing that suffering comes from illusion and is unnecessary), truth (self-realization), freedom (from attachment to the content of awareness)…yes, these are all aspects of reality. Let’s add them to the list:

– law 1: matter is experience and also concept.
– law 6: The term β€œsource” is not yet fully logical here.
– law 9: A clarification of what β€œstates” means would be good.
– the use of β€œI” in a consciousness sense in the later part of the presentation could be confusing to those just being introduced to this concept, who still see β€œI” as separate.
– could love, compassion, awe, delight, knowingness, community (interconnection/inseparability), empathy, generosity, truth and freedom from need be related to the 11 laws?

Have I gotten it all down in a form that all agree on?