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Hi to everyone, <3

It’s much easier for me speak to the present condition while listening to and recognizing the energies within my own being. That way, I’m not being intellectual, but spiritual in my approach to truth, goodness, beauty, etc… I think this is what @robin and @aurorac are alluding to when a top-down approach is mentioned. I like to ask, ‘How can one maintain a greater perspective while living day to day with all of our insecurities, fears of what the future may bring, misunderstandings, and not knowingness (not to mention our circumstances!)?’
The way I experience it so far is this…the feeling we have inside of ourselves (as @robin mentioned feeling separate and I may add my own feelings of isolation at times) is a point of awareness. From this point of awareness, infinite possibilities are available to us. How is this so?

What I remember so far from my own spiritual practice, is that this point of awareness is coming from a line of energy from above (God or the Universal) to below (the point we see ourselves at). This line of energy has a common characteristic throughout (from above to below), or an essential nature that can be recognized at all phases of consciousness.

One example may be that we have a fear of financial struggle. On a higher turn of the spiral, when recognized as energy, we remember this is part of the lesson on how we may live a life of abundance. On an even higher turn of the spiral, we know abundance is given. So, how we bridge this apparent gap between what we know of ourselves as spiritual beings (I am That) and what actually manifests as feelings or circumstances, which fall short of this ideal, is having to do with our schooling on Earth, as we get to know the truth about oneself. In other words, getting to know the essentials. And, In this case, abundance is part of our divine inheritance; it’s built in. How we get there is the same process of how we get to know oneself, so that all of one’s inheritance may be recognized at any time.

My experience has been, and I agree with what @marc was sharing which I’ll paraphrase, these points of reference in our lives are transmuted to higher planes of awareness (to the essentials), where we no longer have to visit them in our feeling body, or what Eckhart Tolle in the Power of Now (as @marc mentioned) calls the pain body. The pain body, in my understanding so far, is where we live out our lessons as circumstances, but we’re still victimized by it and haven’t remembered to go within to the level of oneness.

We can rise above all limitations (in other words our limited self in space-time) once we remember how to, AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. We do this by paying attention to subtle impulses within, because, as I was taught in my own spiritual practice, these are God’s or the universal’s whispers to oneself from transcended states of being simultaneously available to us, once recognized, are no longer hindrances to us in the present moment. Again, it’s clinging to time or past and future conditions that create limited thoughts and beliefs.

To add to the question of community, as Robin mentioned… on a higher turn of the spiral, once realized, the transmutation of our point of awareness or these subtle impulses within oneself includes everyone. In other words, it includes our community where we hold shared values and beliefs, but not in a limiting way.

I believe this is where @aurorac mentions we no longer have addictions and habitual thoughts to overcome, which I see eye-to-eye with her on. And, to end all wars, we no longer need to point the finger outside ourselves because the point of tension is found energetically within oneself – the ALL selves in oneself.

Deepak often quotes Rumi:
“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

I hope this shines light upon our discussion.