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Hi everyone, sorry for not being here before, but I had a couple of busy days, transforming plans (ideas, energy) into reality, which the law that would apply? The way you say it @aurorac is perfect and it is what I mean, don’t ask me how this happens, but these laws seem so simple to me. I see them everywhere, when it rains, when the sun shines, when I do my work! My choices will shape the laws’ outcomes they are putting together everything that exists. I see these laws and the way this Universe, God, the Source, is shaping our reality. We see the results of our choices, and we decide to enjoy them or to suffer. We remember now, we plan the future now, we live the past now, we decide, where we want to focus our attention and the laws are there happening. We are ‘I’ and everything around us is ‘I’. After all, we are the source and we can decide to assume the magnificent power we have. This is pure awareness.

My thoughts
– law 1: matter is experience and also concept.
True: We experience matter and we conceptualize it too, a flower is experience and concept.
– law 6: The term “source” is not yet fully logical here.
Everything is a source, and to me, the source is pure consciousness. The source is creative energy. We are the source, the source is everywhere and beyond our human understanding, The field of all possibilities is also the source.
– law 9: A clarification of what “states” means would be good.
States to me are, to say it some way the shape, or label we want to give, it is linked to perception, it is matter, concept, energy… After all the state is consciousness. States also refer to me to the process; let’s say from the desire and the thought to the materialization and after all the process is also pure consciousness.
– the use of “I” in a consciousness sense in the later part of the presentation could be confusing to those just being introduced to this concept, who still see “I” as separate.
Everything is ‘I’ my computer, you, @jenniferl @robin @marc we are all ‘I’, a concept difficult to understand and realize to someone who sees ‘I’ and separate from ‘them’ who is ‘I’.
– could love, compassion, awe, delight, knowingness, community (interconnection/inseparability), empathy, generosity, truth and freedom from need be related to the 11 laws?
I would say yes, same as suffering, grieve, hatred, etc. Emotions are choices attached to the laws. It is in us to ask ourselves: “Why am I feeling this or that? Most emotions come from external situations, are we reacting or are we keeping our power?

XOXO Monica