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Can’t agree more @marc @aurorac Consciousness is inmensurable infinite. Consiousness is perception.

I also agree with @robin it is difficult to assume our own limitless nature. Our perceptions of reality usually have limits, not going far, we live on a limited planet, it has boundaries.

I am adopting a practice and making it a habit, this is to stop several times during the day and observe. Try to use my eagle eye, like Marthe Beck said, or big picture, somehow see the laws of reality executing, focus on one and be aware of it. This is actually an exercise from the book “Creating Affluence” not the rules presented the same way but I find similarities because at the end they match. This has helped me to keep my power in terms of being the master of my emotions. Why do I feel this or that, am I reacting or being conscious of my behaviour? Am I looking at the big picture, of the mouse eye? For example, this morning I wrote a new vision/mission message for a website update. I showed it to a friend, she didn’t see the message, she told me she would change a word. Can you see the difference between the big picture, when we can see the eternal power of the Field of the Possibilities and the little picture where the final outcome can’t be seen?