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Hi all,
To our robust discussion here, I think it is worth taking a page from behavioral economics to better understand why people hold onto ideas even when facts contradict them. A great video explains why facts do not change minds (Oh, that ego!)

This not only explains why someone might hold on to the “birther” argument about former-President Obama (the example in the video), but why most scientists and skeptics would hold on to a naive materialist viewpoint in the face of YATU.

How then to present the 11+ Laws in ways that open those not yet on the same wavelength to consider the possibility that we are all one? How could we nurture the right conditions so that planting a seed might, over time, take root and grow into a flower?

Also, to add to Aurora’s growing list, after reading an article from a Facebook post shared by dear @jenniferl last night, I wonder if metacognition (which Deepak often refers to) should factor in to the greater understanding and widening perspectives awakening to reality confers? I think of metacognition as learning how to be the “boss of your brain.”

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