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One time I had a vivid dream. I found myself in “heaven” or a higher kingdom with my mother-in-law, who has passed. We sat at a long table inside a classroom with another disciple, younger than myself. My mother-in-law was the senior disciple, and I was a teacher-in-training helping the disciple next to me with a spiritual concept. In the middle of the lesson, my mother-in-law wanted to capture a teachable moment. She did this by showing me a person I knew in my lifetime (a drug addict). This woman, the drug addict, became injured down the hall from the classroom we were sitting. She yelled for help. All of the teachers suddenly left the room, quick as lightening, running to this poor woman’s side. I was left sitting alone, reflecting upon why I didn’t run to this woman’s side along with everyone else.

Before waking from my lucid dream, I was shown “Mathew 20,” so I’d remember it. When I awoke I went to look up the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard in the Bible:

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last (Mathew 20:16).”

There were many synchronized events which followed this vision. One was that my son, who has something similar to dyslexia, was given a new special education teacher. As the teacher, my son, and I sat and talked during our first meeting, she spoke openly with me about the Bible and mentioned Mathew 20. It was my confirmation, through synchronicity, for my son’s receival of his new teacher. The teacher worked excellently with him for two years. She continuously reminded my son that he could achieve greater things, in spite of his disability.

So, how does this story apply to the 11 Laws? I tend to look at things in terms of energy, patterns, and synchronicities. Laws #1 and #11 are synchronous. I see them as the polar opposite of each other:

#1 Matter or mass is an experience in consciousness/awareness.

#11 Freedom from all constructs (all constructs including birth and death) and total freedom to endlessly create and transform ourselves and or experiences of reality, which is endless creativity and evolution, from human to meta-human and beyond.

I’m reminded again of Mathew 20: So the last shall be the first, and the first shall be the last the last. From experiences, to expanded awareness, to unfoldment, to the meta-human… Energetically, this speaks to me of Oneness, equality, fairness, sustainability, beauty, harmony, joy, bliss… This is the Father, Ein Sof, I Am That, and Bodhisattva within us all, at any point in time.

Hopefully, this shines light upon how these laws, as symbols of energy in consciousness, may be used as a model to help us with understanding ourselves; thereby, expanding our awareness.