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@robin words “I wonder if metacognition (which Deepak often refers to) should factor in to the greater understanding and widening perspectives awakening to reality confers? I think of metacognition as learning how to be the “boss of your brain.” from my perspective are priceless and perfectly describing Deepak’s and the 11 Laws messages.

Learning to be the “BOSS” of your brain. Being able to ask ourselves, why this happened to me, or for me? What can I learn from this? How can I share this to be of service to others? How can I contribute, from recycling the trash to setting up a company with a purpose? The fact of being aware of going towards our North Star, fulfilling our purpose and being of service to others while being richly rewarded. Would this be the 11 Laws of Reality in action with a conscious perception? Being aware that I am “I”, you are “I”, he/she/it is “I”, we/they are “I”, and we are all ONE.

I have been trying to give myself at least a few minutes every night to analyze what happened in my day, to question myself, to look for the answers, and the lessons. I can tell that amazing things are happening, I can see life unfolding in a magical way. Yes, baby steps every day towards being the boss of our brain.

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