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Agreed! @krista it is a beautiful poem to explain wisdom. We are also our perception which could be completely opposite with regard to one single experience.I see this in a pretty simple yet holistic way, let me know your thoughts too, @aurorac

Do you think it helps our awareness if this is explained in a graphic way?

Imagine a pyramid. A pyramid of existence, my base is the BE, then I have a PURPOSE followed by a PROCEDURE which is the DO; then on top, I have the RESULT which to me is PROSPERITY: BLISS, HEALTH, WELLBEING, AND WEALTH.

The fact of BE leads us to have a purpose which needs to exist because it drives us to an action that has procedures to finally get a result in the way of bliss, health, wellbeing, and wealth. The 11 Laws of Reality are continuously flowing along and across our dynamic pyramid. The 11 Laws apply when we BE-DO-HAVE. The laws give us support to flow with our existence to run our procedures and to enjoy our rewards. Our consciousness helps us to make the right choices in our BE-DO-HAVE

This way we have the BE-DO-HAVE that covers a whole existence. This is who I AM when DOING the procedure to then I HAVE my reward.

With much love