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Dear @jenniferl, @krista, @monicpaul, @marc, @aurorac, and all others in the I am/We are,
The beautiful expressions of becoming on this thread are simply amazing, and the flow of poetry, scripture and wisdom is incomparable. Obviously, this discussion touches what is essential to all of us.

Thanks, Jennifer, for bringing in your sychronicities from all the wisdom traditions. I, like you, believe that, as you say, “When we can reveal the bridge by integrating knowledge with experience…we can see the next steps in scientific advancement, human to metahuman development, and societal evolution, with clarity and ease.”

I am reminded of The Little Prince, by Antoine de St. Exupery, who said, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” (And to read the many pearls of wisdom and truth in this tiny book about a boy, a rose and a planet, they are extracted here:

And while I agree, also, that these truths are created and can, therefore, never be destroyed (Law #5, but also, the Law of the Conservation of Mass and Energy), thanks to the ego, it can easily be forgotten, distorted, confused or manipulated, as has been evidenced throughout human history.

That’s why it’s so important that we have these validating discussions here but also work to bring them, through us, into the world in whatever ways we are called to do so. Krista, your poems, and others that have been shared here, help point us in that direction. To me, that is our service, and a prayer.

Monica, your pyramid reminds me of Jennifer’s earlier reference to Bloom’s Taxonomy, which also reminds me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Maimonedes’ Eight Levels of Giving. The idea of a step ladder from a solid base to higher and higher levels of becoming where we can start off and build a stable footing towards Enlightenment is as old as (older than?) the Great Pyramid.

So it is all here. It always has been here. It always will be here. For we are here (or, as Moses responded when God called to him from the burning bush,”Hineni!”)

The question to me then becomes: are we becoming stronger and brave enough to remember it for ourselves and bring it back in to the world with open hearts and no attachment to outcome?

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