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I’m inspired by your latest post, as I’m completely enjoying our discussion. Here’s today’s poetry, adding my dime’s worth to the question, now that we’ve had this discussion, ‘how may I serve the greater whole, while remaining unattached to the outcome?’

A Dedication to Service:

Seeing may be believing, but believing is knowing through the crucible of experience.

Every effort made identified in oneness is made for everyone; a shared vision and a common goal, unites us.

The method of self-discovery, through spiritual science (a.k.a meditation), accomplishes what one person can do for a multitude, simultaneously.

Cultivating a habit of a one-pointed endeavor through meditation, unifies.

Joy and abundance are spiritual attainments, realized in oneness, and includes the greater universe in which one Serves.

Standing in spiritual being, to me, means recognizing the impact (on the greater whole) my little dharmic practice has on my brothers and sisters throughout the universe.

And to compliment this poem, if you’ll pardon the analogy, I opened You are the Universe, where the authors, Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos, remind us to “keep this ‘complementary universe’ in mind, because it holds enormous possibilities (135).”

I’m reminded of how the individual compliments the universe with every thought, feeling, and action brought into unity, through one’s daily meditation practice.

With all my love,
Jennifer L