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Hi @marc @richa

Sorry for the delay, the activities and the ongoing laws of reality happening, have kept me busy. I agree with @marc. I am doing my best to be aware of the events in the everyday life. I question myself, why this, why that, what do I have to learn from this? Do I really need this? I can’t tell I stop to analyze which is of the 11 Laws is running, but I know that they are also shaped by my perceptions. I live the world accordingly as the way I perceive the world. I can make my reality my hell or my heaven on earth. It is my decision, and my eternal now.

I am learning and I think we are eternal learners in an eternal now.

I agree with @richa that the 11 laws are experiences in consciousness. And they are shaped by our perception. Being our perception consciousness, then everything around us the laws of reality applied, not randomly, but by our consciousness to create our reality which is infinite in possibilities, like I said before, from this field of possibilities we can create our hell or our heaven on earth, it’s our choice in consciousness.

So my choice now is to go back to work, let me tell you that I have a new client and project that I love. So my choice is to live heaven on earth with my new client and project. Voila! Heaven on earth.

Have a wonderful day!