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Dear @aurorac and everyone,
It’s been awhile since we pondered the 11+ laws, thanks to Aurora’s posting of Deepak’s talk above. I love the conversation that’s spurred, and was wondering what, if anything has happened with our feedback.

Interestingly, I am currently interviewing researchers for a briefing paper for the Dana Foundation (a brain education foundation) on “mindset” as a factor in learning. One of their findings: “A key insight from the science of motivation is that how students make meaning of their experiences at school can sustain or undermine their sense of competence, their connection to others, and the perceived value of tasks when encountering challenges and setbacks that are inherent to the learning process.”

This strikes me as central to our discussions here – that no matter the fundamental laws of reality, “making meaning” from experience is fundamental to our human experience. Not just for children in school, but for all of us. Because it’s the stories arising out of consciousness, that we tell ourselves and each other, that help connect us to each other and the greater tapestry of universal interbeing (as Thich Nhat Hanh so beautifully calls it).

So we can posit these laws–and hope that they help more people understand that we are all aspects of universal awareness, but unless we can give these meaning and context either for ourselves as individuals, or socially, they may not gain much traction in the world beyond our band of “agents of consciousness.”

I am going to hear Deepak at a #YATU book talk locally in the DC-area at the end of the month, and would like to raise the question with him in some form, but didn’t know if he’s working on this currently, or has had any feedback to our suggestions in the forum here.

Thanks for any light you might shed – or questions that this group would like me to raise in the context of the 11 laws, if I get a chance.

And to all who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving this week. Giving thanks for the opportunity to connect with you all!