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Hi @robin. I’m looking forward to hear back from you following the YATU book talk.

“So we can posit these laws–and hope that they help more people understand that we are all aspects of universal awareness, but unless we can give these meaning and context either for ourselves as individuals, or socially, they may not gain much traction in the world beyond our band of “agents of consciousness.”

This will be our community’s biggest struggle. I think possibly our real hope lies in exposing this reality to children. It’s my observation that almost all adults I come in contact with is just too conditioned to be open to something like this. Using myself as an example, I realise I have always been a ‘seeker’. For instance when I was very young I had a realisation of how lucky it was for me to have woken up in this body and to my situation versus those starving kids I saw on tv. Luck of the draw I thought, but why? I don’t know why this popped into my head, but it did have me looking at the world differently from the other kids around me and had me questioning a lot of stuff. This continued into adulthood which eventually led me here. I would imagine a lot of us here may have similar stories which just leaves us more open.