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Aurora Carlson
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Hello @robin and @marc ! I sent Deepak a link to this discussion back then when he asked if anyone can see any “hole in the sequential unfoldment” of the 11 laws (11.40 in the initial video). I don’t think any of us saw any logical hole, but I think we all enjoyed our discussion a lot 🙂
Deepak was grateful for our engagement in this topic, he sent us the link to the longer presentation, and I suppose he has been writing on his book ever since.

Robin, my take is that the 11 laws are a step by step logical staircase leading people from the illusion of matter to the reality of consciousness. The people/minds that can climb this particular staircase need of course to be of a certain type, and I think Deepak is addressing scientifically inclined minds with this book. It’s not poetry, it’s science, or maybe the poetry of science 🙂 It is a way to show those who function through logic that the logic of materialism doesn’t hold, and give them an alternative that satisfies the intellect in a step by step expansion.

I wonder why you see a need for meaning and context … there is already meaning in this list reaching humanity, especially the realms of academia and education. This can be the structure of future education on our planet. Understanding what is real and what is illusion won’t happen through logic alone, but such a logical discourse might shake the blind belief in matter enough to help more people allow the journey to the direct experience of non-dual consciousness. And then there won’t be any need for “connecting to each other”, for we are not separate entities. That kind of connection is often pursued as a band aid, on an emotional level, when there is an intellectual belief in separation.

Mark, I think that many people are aware and when they hear these principles, they will nod and know from their own experience that it’s the way reality works. And when we see each other nodding … we will know that we all know 🙂 I guess you and Robin are worried about those who don’t yet know, but consciousness is a field and when enough of us wake up (for real, not just as an intellectual understanding), at some point everyone will do that too, because it is consciousness itself awakening. There is no struggle involved when everything is the same consciousness. There is struggle only as long as there is the illusion of separate entities or the belief that outcomes are not simply forms of the non-dual consciousness.

Robin, it’s nice that you will be listening to Deepak on this topic soon. I hope you’ll let us know of any new realization connected to that experience 🙂