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Dear Aurora,
As always, such wisdom you share with us! I was listening to Deepak’s FB live today (saw you there, sister!) about creating the “new human” and his warning that the mind warring with itself as a result of our conditioning will only continue that war, even if it is in the “defense” of the good! Seems paradoxical, but I do agree that the only way out is to free ourselves from existing constructs and conditioning to see that we are all woven into a universal tapestry of one-ness, in a field beyond good and bad (thank you, Rumi!).

I cannot always hold this in mind, in the so-called “normal” reality we’ve found ourselves stuck in, and I sometimes get lost in my own mind (especially between 2-3 a.m., when caught in the web of worry – and for this, I am grateful always to the Oprah-Chopra meditations I turn to to meditate and gain perspective.

But I think most people are stuck in the world of separation and division, of blame and victimization that our world shows up in. It is a false, ego-driven image, of course.

You ask me, why stories? I don’t speak necessarily for those of us on the forum who have shared stories by way of gleaning additional insights into ultimate reality. But for others for whom the material world remains their frame of reference–and I include many scientists, philosophers, religious and rational thinkers in this category–I think story, allegory, art and music remain among the most powerful ways to help people see the world differently.

So, of course, a story (you know me!). I went with friends to a concert of Litvak music last night at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, DC. The Litvaks are Jews of Lithuanian and Eastern European descent (and Belarus and Ukraine, I learned last night). It was really a fantastic concert – featuring music of Gershwin, Benny Goodman, the violin mastery of Jascha Heifetz, and much more. Yet, 95 percent of the Jews of Lithuania were exterminated in WWII, and not just by Germany. We were saying, imagine all the Einstein’s and Heifetz’s who never got to be, on account of Hitler’s act of ultimate evil. And yet, the music connects us all, through time, space and heart, to both the tragedy, the talent, the mastery and, ultimately, the humanity of those people that connects from a world beyond to our own.

What does this story have to do with ultimate reality, you may ask? Just that it serves as a reminder and anchor to a reality beyond our world that is brimming with joy, creativity, harmony and beauty that we all have an ability to tap into, if we just open our minds to that possibility.

So it must all make sense to the rational mind – as is Deepak’s apparent intention here. But if it doesn’t touch our hearts, what good is all the reason in the world?

Just my humble opinion. Curious to hear what our friends in this forum think?

And, of course, I will share any wisdom I glean from Deepak’s local #YATU talk back here. Very much looking forward to that!