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Aurora Carlson
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Hi again dear @robin , sorry for taking a while to answer. Not sure if what I’m sharing is wisdom, but it is the way I see things right now. I understand what you say about stories, allegory, art, music, and of course they are as good as logic, if not better, to help people on the way. Absolutely! As to the rational mind and the touching of the heart- yes, of course, understanding and feeling are both important.

But you see… all of it is still within the dream, the illusion, the construct. So to use an allegory (ha)- if most of humanity is watching the movie of their own constructs without having the slightest idea that it’s just a movie, but having identified with the characters, what Deepak does with this list is show up on the movie screen with a list of reasons why the movie can’t be reality, and what you suggest is that the movie uses visuals and audio to convey the same message. One would touch the intellect of the public, the other would touch the feelings. Of course both are important and useful! But you see, both our intellect and our feelings are still in the movie. Awareness, pure awareness, is the only real and solid reality, and it is beyond both intellect and feelings. Only by waking up to the reality of being the background, observer and source of both thought and feeling (not to mention the gross aspect of matter) have we reached truth.

Ok, so what I’m trying to say is that it’s not in the list or in the art/music anyway. It’s in the degree of awakenness. The message is only as effective for mass awakening as the depth of the messenger. The more the movie is populated with actors who experientially know that they are constructs, the more the whole population in the planetary movie awakens. Awareness itself awakens to itself never having been separate characters anyway.

This would mean that the only important thing to do is to wake up. Having woken up, it doesn’t really matter what exactly one does, for one contributes to mass awakening already by simply having awakened, and besides that, everything one thinks, says and does is so different and grounded in the real, that it breaks the mirrage of the unreal at every step. Some will make lists, others will play music and others will just sit there, and it will all be another kind of lists, music and sitting.

So tell us about your meeting with Deepak, or maybe tell us who you are now 🙂