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Words! So limiting, and yet one of the few ways we have to share our conceptions of reality. Thanks, Aurora, for that elegant explanation. How I love this forum! That’s what I told Deepak when I met him – that the depth and richness of this conversation has expanded my own awakening and allowed me to find soul mates with whom to co-create this dream in awareness. And, in fact, he signed my copy of YATU, To awakening Robin Payes.

The talk was one of his tour-de-force overviews, this on “The Future of Wellbeing.” It seemed a summary version of a weekend workshop I did with him several years ago with some updates on research they have done on lengthening telomerase (effects of meditation and yoga), stress reduction, and decreased susceptibility to Alzheimer’s, diabetes and heart disease. Important framing of the context of health as a self-regulating, mind-brain-body system-in-process that extends from the genome to the epigenome to the microbiome–and beyond. It both comes from the stars (universe) and returns to them. (I would send brief videos and pics from some of his slides, but I still can’t figure out how to post them here–if there’s interest, I can send them to you to post, Aurora.)

Who I am now is a more interesting question to me–and thanks for asking that! I’ve had two amazing dreams in the last month where Deepak has been my guide. In fact, the second one, which occurred 2 days before this talk, also included Oprah and Marianne Williamson! 🙂

In the first dream, my right brain (a metaphor for creativity, clarity and consciousness) expanded in my consciousness to overtake my thinking mind, as I felt a white light envelop both of us in unity so there were no boundaries and distinctions. There was no ego, no doubt, no cynicism. One might call it “heaven on Earth.” (Again, words are limiting in describing what this amazing experience felt like!)

Both were dreams of enlightenment–and btw, I took them symbolically to mean these were “earth angels” here to guide me, and all of us, to wholeness.

It was a moment in a dream out of time. This bliss is now what I try to reflect on when I feel the pressures of the everyday, or conflict, or the insanity of humanity trying to nail me back into my ego mind.

I share that because I think it is what we all dream of at some level–and can help each other co-create. This is the meta-dream: To awakening us all in time!