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Dear @robin

Thank you for sharing your journey with the Future of Wellbeing, Deepak Chopra, and your dreams and spiritual experiences.

As for your dreams, I’ll quote you here, “I felt a white light envelop both of us in unity so there were no boundaries and distinctions. There was no ego, no doubt, no cynicism. One might call it “heaven on Earth.”

I’ve experienced similar states of being. I call these states Divine! I believe this is the next step for developing humanity: Metahuman. That is, to regain the experience of the spiritual kingdoms on the earthly planes where limitations, separations, and anything harmful is lost sight of to the greater reality. The greater reality means simply, in part, that we are never apart from one another. No distinctions (economics, education, social status, etc.) come between us and we are seen for who we truly are as spiritual beings walking on the earthly planes. I think its marvelous you had such an experience! I’ve also had such dreams of Deepak, Oprah, and Marianne Williamson, and others. To me, its evidence that we are never separated. After all, we are working together, in the same vein, if you will.

I like to write my experiences down in a spiritual journal and have for many years. I believe this provides a growing body of evidence for the subjective realities and helps solidify “heaven on earth’ individually and collectively.

Much love to you and to the forum! I’m deeply inspired by our communication with one another!
Love, light, and blessings,