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The idea of self-mastery is what I think you may be referring to as “feltness energy,” but correct me if I’m wrong? At the self-mastery level, so far as I understand it, we work from the point of achievement in the Eternal Now (Thou art that), and all the right ingredients come together to create civilization or utopia. Are we automatons to a civilized government or free to engage in our creative endeavors unimpeded?

In all parts of society, we have the danger of forgetting the real self, replaced by a false sense of self. So often this false-self is recognized in religious dogma, tradition, culture, customs, education, politics, business, peer-groups, etc., and we’re made to think conformity to the way things have been being the key to the survival of the fittest.

My question is namely to identify what of this limited belief system we want to put behind us, so that “feltness energy,” if you will, soul identified energy (at least), can be recognized and demonstrated, and returned to us. Are we living in the flow, yet?
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